Back on the horse

Looking at my last entry it’s been six months since I posted, and I’m pretty sure it has been at least four since I properly picked up a camera.  I don’t know why this has (hasn’t?) happened. I’ve been busy, but that hasn’t stopped me before. I’ve not been anywhere on holiday recently, but there is plenty to photograph every day in the street. I’ve been training pretty hard for the half marathon and few other races, but not every day. It’s not like I’m an athlete! I guess I just drifted away from photography until I got to a point where it wasn’t immediately second nature to pick up a camera as I walked out of the door. Well tonight, now that I’m a little injured and need a rest from miles and miles of running every day, I did pick up a camera and went for a little walk around the Old Town.  You don’t forget it but I do feel a little rusty.  Need to get back in the groove, got stag weekends, holidays and a week long wedding celebration for two of my best friends in France over the next few months.



DSC_0026DSC_0035 DSC_0036DSC_0037DSC_0041



Perhaps disc pain and lower back muscle spasms aren’t such a totally bad thing.

(All photographs copyright Lewis Brown)


5 thoughts on “Back on the horse

  1. Great blog you’ve got here, Lewis! I really enjoy your black and white photography as well as the political, social and running commentary 🙂 Is it the EMF half you’re doing? I hope it’s a blast! Will be keeping my fingers crossed and, in return, you should keep yours crossed for your former workmate (from the old old Barbour days), as she signed up to run the full thing… 🙂

    • Emeeeeelia! How are you? Where are you? What are you up to?

      Full marathon is intense. I thought about it but I enjoy it up to about 13 miles, after that I would hate it. My brothers other half will be doing it so will be at the finish, will keep an eye out for you.

      Thanks for the nice things about the blog. How’d you find it?

  2. Hey! I’m good, thanks! Still in Edinburgh (though I, too, went there and back again). Going from one teaching/lecturing job to another, constantly looking for – though I like to think now ‘trying to create/dream up’ – something else.

    How about you? Are you still working for/presiding over a charity? From what I can gather, you’ve changed your grazing/working pastures recently, no? (#wannabesherlock)

    I did a 22 mile run a couple of weeks ago, and was genuinely asking myself towards the end of it why I do this to myself. Then wondering if I’d ever run again. And yet…

    Came across not your blog, but actually your Twitter account last summer, when gobbling up everything google produced on the referendum (in which I was allowed to vote), then remembered it again some time ago before the GE (in which I sadly wasn’t allowed to vote). From Twitter onto here via the link you kindly provide 🙂

    Hope to see you at the race! (I’m guessing you’ll have finished by the time we begin at 10am). Would be lovely to catch up one day also!

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