Light times


Over the last few years I have moved almost exclusively into black and white photography.  I’m not that great with colour.  I’m not colourblind, far from it, but for some reason when it comes to capturing images black and white is the way I see the world.  In some ways it is a cop out, I don’t need to worry about things like colour balance and time of day doesn’t effect the colours.  Black and white however requires a real understanding of how the light in an image is working, how your are capturing it, where it’s coming from and going to and how it reflects off surfaces. Composition too benefits from simplicity and graphic quality that is shown up more in mono.

Anyway, enough chatting. Was in Argyll at the weekend on the West coast of Scotland. Plenty of light, plenty of chances to play with composition. As ever, not much colour in the way I saw it!









(All photographs copyright Lewis Brown)


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