Taking Stock(bridge)

When things get busy with work, your miles on the bike begin to increase and (thanks to an excellent osteopath) your long term hip injury begins to feel better and the running is less painful something has got to give.  In my case it has been the time spent with the camera. In fact it seems to be a theme this year that I don’t get to spend as much time behind the lens as I did last year.  Today was a rare occasion where I was able to grab a camera and take it with me for a lovely Edinburgh morning with the lady and a bunch of friends down at the market followed by a late breakfast (including a delicious Bloody Mary, there are perks of being grown up!)

Getting the hang of Lightroom over Photoshop now, to the point that most of my basic processing is being done solely in Lightroom. Don’t have as much control, but you do seem to get a consistency over a range of shots.  Always found that Photoshop made you work as if every shot was an individual piece, which could often make it hard to link things together if you were telling a story. Lightroom makes this seem easier at least.











(All photographs copyright Lewis Brown)


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