Under the Bridge


Just before Christmas I had the chance to wonder around central Glasgow with a tripod late at night.  Decided to take some shots in the barren spaces under the M8 motorway bridge.  Some really interesting shapes and light.  The new Hydro venue by the Clyde looked pretty good too.



(All photographs copyright Lewis Brown)


2 thoughts on “Under the Bridge

  1. Love your photos, you got some great shots. It scares me that you were walking about with a camera at night though, it can be dodgy down there at night (feeling quite like a mum but can’t not say it!!)

    • Thank you! Don’t worry, my actual mum said the same thing when she saw these.

      To be honest while it seems dodgy places like this are often deserted. Even the most determined mugger won’t be hanging around hoping for the one night someone passes by with something worth stealing. I’d be more worried about my gear on Sauchiehall St at that time of night. It also helps that I’m a fairly big lad, so not seen as the easiest target!

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