Time Flies


It has been, or at least has seemed, a very short and busy January.  Been busy at work and spent a couple of weekends away in beautiful places and with good friends.  Last year’s professional successes have led to new and exciting work which is kicking off in the next few months, and looks like personally I will be taking up new opportunities and responsibilities.


Perhaps most excitingly I feel like we have begun to turn a corner in the campaign for independence for Scotland.  The vision and drive of the pro-indy camp has begun to get the better of the seemingly unrelenting negativity and “cannae dae that” attitude of the No campaign.


I understand people’s fears about independence.  It is big and scary and hard to predict. We will no longer have the safety net of a larger country and will no longer be able to blame our failures on the big bad brother South of Carlisle.  The promises of the Yes campaign are based on predictions of the future and these are much harder to buy into that negativity and the status quo.  But we can take control of our own destiny and revel in our successes as never before.  


I have a deep and enduring faith in the people of Scotland, not just born Scots but those people who have come from all over the globe to call this place home.  We are small and vibrant nation which is not without it’s problems but the responsibility placed on a new country and the need to do thing for ourselves will I believe bring out the best of us and ignite the latent inventiveness and determination we posses.



The debate has had it moments of nastiness and negativity on both sides however in general it has been conducted at a level which has created what might be one of the most politically informed and aware populations anywhere in the world today.  This will stand us in good stead as we begin the process of building a brand new country, write a new constitution and start to make our own way in the global community.  If you are still undecided, have questions, or are from further afield and are just interested in finding out what is going on check out some of these websites which while all Yes leaning are I believe fairly fair and factual:

Wings Over Scotland

Bella Caledonia

National Collective


I would also be more than happy to engage on twitter with anyone who wants to talk about the referendum and why I will be voting yes in September 2014, find me at @lewisgbrown


As for the photos, they are just some of my favourite 35mm shots from January, hope you like them.


(All photographs copyright Lewis Brown)


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