Trip 35

A few weeks ago my girlfriend H found an old Olympus Trip 35 at a jumble sale for 50p and gave it to me as a present.  A rangefinder with a ‘take a guess’ focussing mechanism and an automatic meter with only two shutter speeds it was not old a bit confusing but we had no idea if it would work.

Stuck a roll of Superia 200 in it and carried it around for a fortnight.  The results below made me really happy, and the camera possibly the bargain of the century!












(All photographs copyright Lewis Brown)


3 thoughts on “Trip 35

  1. I love the open letter; succinct is the word, I think. When people ask, “why YES?” usually I’ll say “how long you got?”.Photos are wonderful, too. Interesting that your “resolutions” re photo skills are very similar to the ones I’ve written innumerably over the years. I’m sure you’ll tick them off.

    • Hi Johnnie,

      Thank you. The letter has been getting quite a bit of attention it seems, so it is really nice that someone has had a look at the rest of the blog too, and thanks for the nice feedback. Yeah, the resolutions are going ok, its been a busy start to the year but lots of time to work on them!

  2. The Trip is a true classic of its kind.I’m old enough to remember it coming out. I’m trapped in the digital universe at the moment but fully intend to re-enter the 35mm world as soon as I can. I still have my original camera (bought last century) the (in)famous Zenith B. Because of its slightly longer and inherently softer standard lens I got some great portraits with it.

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