Three Hundred and Sixty Five

Almost one year ago, persuaded by a colleague, I began a daily photo blog on another platform.  The concept was to take one photograph every day and blog about it, the day, anything that came to mind.  The challenge was supposed to be the photography, but that came relatively easy.  The difficulty was the blogging.


Finding something to write about every day, something that would interest others and more importantly interest myself was initially daunting.  I can write, I do it for a living (at least partly) but the idea that anyone would want to read it was anathema to me.  In the last year I have found that sometimes people do want to read it, sometimes they don’t, and quite often I don’t care if they do.

With nine days to go until my full 365 days I could go on with my daily photo but I am beginning to feel that the structure of that concept is preventing me from exploring new opportunities in my photography and in my new found interest in putting words on the internet.

So here I am, with no idea what I want from a blog and even less idea of what it will eventually become.  I am not limiting it to a theme so expect work, life, politics and photography for a start as well as copious amounts of Edinburgh.  As much as possible the images here will be my own.

The name does not refer to the new TV series set in Detriot, but instead to the story on which it is based which was originally set in Edinburgh.  Low winter sun is one of the things that makes the city of my birth great, it bring beauty to the grey of a Scottish winter and makes for great photographs.

I was born here, so Son is self explanatory.


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